~Our time frame for parts is 7 days.  We go to great lengths to source quality parts you require in a minimum amount of time.~

~Full refund will be available on parts which are faulty or have defects. This complies with Australian Consumer Law.~

~If you have any queries in regarding your account, please contact us today. Matthew 0407 963 073.~

~ Our aim is to get it right the first time, every time.~

Our Services offered are:

*Servicing and repairing all brands of forklifts, small or large

*Hiring Units on a short or long term agreement

*Selling Used & New forklifts.


~Contact us today as no-one say’s:

“I regret spending more money than I needed or wanted to”!! ~


ABN: 31 835 834 164

ACN: 611 268 163